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In today's competitive knowledge-driven organization, leadership is more important than ever. Corporate leaders at all levels must have more than just the right technical skills and IQ. They must possess the right values, behaviors and emotions - the right emotional intelligence. The Complete Intelligence team includes the following individuals ready to assist you:

Scott Halford
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Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, an engaging presenter and a long-time consultant to Fortune 500 executive teams. His expansive knowledge in the areas of achievement psychology, which includes brain-based behavioral science, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and the principles of influence add richness and depth to his programs. His workshops and keynotes are filled with humor, wit and depth.

Scott is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation. In July of 2014, Scott Halford was inducted into the National Speakers Association CPAE Speaker Hall of FameĀ®. Inductees are evaluated by their peers through a rigorous and demanding process, and must excel in seven categories: material, style, experience, delivery, image, professionalism and communication. He is also an accredited and certified Emotional Intelligence Provider as well as a Certified Associate in Emergenetics®. Currently, Scott is a postgraduate student in the neuroscience of leadership through Middlesex University in London.

Additionally, Scott is a guest lecturer for the MBA program at the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver. He is the Brainy Business columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine online. Read his articles at

Scott's bestselling book, Be a Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success is available online from John Wiley & Sons. His upcoming book, Start Small, Start Now: Working with Your Brain in Mind, is inspired by his postgraduate work in applied behavioral neuroscience and due in late 2014.

Marty Lassen
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Marty Lassen is a business development and sales professional with a successful background in IT sales, technical staffing and consulting. Her insights into corporate dynamics, and the challenges that leaders face, provide objective and valuable solutions to her clients. More recently, Marty was a founder of the nationally recognized Women's Success Forum - a leadership development conference designed for corporate women. In this position, she presented the most current business ideas to top-level executives in an interactive and compelling way.

Marty is certified to present and debrief the EQ-i 2.0 ® and the EQ-360® measures of emotional intelligence by Multi-Health Systems, Inc. and the Hallmarks of Excellence® from Chorus®, Inc. Additionally, she holds a B.A. from the University of Illinois and is a Certified Associate in Emergenetics®.

Sandy Wilkerson
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Sandy Wilkerson joined Complete Intelligence in the fall of 2006 and has contributed brilliantly and with a smile from day one. Our team and our clients value her expertise in managing the deadlines and details for every engagement and enjoy her positive attitude. With 19 years of business experience her meticulous attention to administrative issues and bookkeeping keep us on track and we appreciate her everyday.

Tami Patzer
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Tami Patzer keeps us on track with an easy smile, a keen sense of humor and an eye on the many moving parts of Complete Intelligence. With 20+ years of experience of organizing and directing offices and executives, plus time spent as a professional Research Assistant at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Tami anticipates our every move. She keeps us on our toes with her natural curiosity about how and why things work as they do.

She has worked in a variety of industries including banking, construction, manufacturing and sales which provides a unique and valued view of our business and yours. We love her questions and appreciate her gentle way of keeping us on track while keeping an eye on the details. We think you'll appreciate those qualities too.

In addition to her valuable business background Tami has an MA in Organizational Management and a BA in Psychology. She excels as an information resource and welcomes the chance to share her expertise.


Heidi S. Brinkman, Ph.D.
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Dr. Heidi S. Brinkman works with coaching clients to identify the root cause of leadership success as well as barriers to achieving one's highest potential. She addresses behavioral components of communication and management for successful skill development. As the former Academic Director of Leadership Programs for The Institute of Executive and Professional Development, Daniels College of Business, and co-founder of the Leadership Institute of Denver (LID) she has spent considerable time on research, training, coaching and development with subject matter expertise in interpersonal and organizational communication, conflict resolution, negotiation skills and human resource management.

Dr. Brinkman received a B.A. in Communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Ph.D. in Speech Communication, with an emphasis in organizational communication from the University of Denver.

Amy Miller
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Amy Miller is an executive coach with 25 years of experience working with executives at all levels and in a variety of industries. Her talent lies with helping leaders set and achieve ambitious goals for themselves and their organizations. As Adjunct Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, she coaches international leaders from Fortune 500 companies in management and strategic leadership skills.

Each coaching client is rewarded with a powerful coaching experience that is enhanced by Amy's strong personal and professional skills. Her integrity, warmth, wisdom and respect for her clients creates a safe and empowering environment for their growth, and her business savvy brings a high level of insight and depth to her work.

In addition to being certified in a variety of assessments including the EQ-i 2.0 ® and the EQ360® Amy holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver/Health Sciences Center.

Barb Van Hare
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Barb Van Hare is an accomplished consultant and coach who works with individuals, teams, and corporations to clarify their vision and expand their capacity for change.

Barb has a Master of Arts Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Business, and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in International Studies and French from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. She worked with a variety of Fortune 100 clients across many industries as a consultant and manager with Accenture and IBM Global Services. She strengthened her organizational development and leadership and skills as a Director of Talent Development for First Data Corporation and Director of Organization Effectiveness at TW Telecom. Included in Barb's toolbox are the following certifications and methodologies - Emergenetics®, Co-Active Coaching Model®, Emotional Intelligence BarOn EQ-i 2.0 ® and the EQ-360

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