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Critical Thinking

Refine your critical thinking process and gain a competitive advantage

"The most important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them." - Sir William Bragg

Science, business - it's all the same. There is no shortage of facts or data thanks to the internet. There is however a gaping shortage of good thinking about what to do with the information. In terms of innovating and competing, your ability to think in new ways is all you have. When was the last time you saw a meeting agenda that specified time for thinking? Meetings are typically reserved for efficient problem solving, concise decision making and assignment of action items. But, what is the quality of the solutions, decisions and resulting actions?

Learn a process of thinking critically to attain results you'll be proud of and that will set you apart from everyone else. Think about it. It's a fact.

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In Scott Halford's interactive presentations you'll discover why Critical Thinking is essential to your success and how you can apply it every day

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Critical Thinking for Success

Are you viewed as someone who contributes positively in every aspect of business?
Can you objectively examine your own and others' ideas?
Do you identify and change flawed thinking processes as they occur?
These are hallmarks of excellent critical thinkers - and you can learn how.

Scott Halford, Emmy award winning writer and producer and internationally renowned presenter and coach to the Fortune 500 shares the secrets on how to do these things and more. Working at your own pace, you will be energized and entertained by Scott's captivating discussion and find many ways to become a valued critical thinker.

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