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Be A Shortcut Book

The Secret Fast Track to Business Success

In Be A Shortcut, you can evaluate your current abilities and potential for becoming a Shortcut with Halford's practical Shortcut Quotient Inventory, an assessment that will show you how to best apply the powerful strategies and tools in this book. By utilizing Halford's case studies, personal anecdotes, exercises, and lessons, you can excel in your field and be the go-to person for your colleagues.

Emergenetics® Profile

We all have similar "hardware" called the brain. How we use it, however, is as individual as our genetic code. The Emergenetics® Profile answers age old questions such as "Why do they think that way?", "Why do they want THAT information?", and "Why can't they just think like me?" While differences are usually what can start the conflict, the best teams have found those differences are what makes a great creative team.

Emergenetics® is a powerful tool used around the world to benefit organizations, teams and individuals alike. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase your individual profile without attending an Emergenetics® Seminar or Workshop. You will be asked to complete a simple online questionnaire that will require about 15 minutes of your time. Your results will be delivered to you electronically, and will be followed by a comprehensive Narrative Report that will arrive via traditional mail.

Critical Thinking for Success

Are you viewed as someone who contributes positively in every aspect of business?
Can you objectively examine your own and others' ideas?
Do you identify and change flawed thinking processes as they occur?
These are hallmarks of excellent critical thinkers - and you can learn how.

Scott Halford, Emmy award winning writer and producer and internationally renowned presenter and coach to the Fortune 500 shares the secrets on how to do these things and more. Working at your own pace, you will be energized and entertained by Scott's captivating discussion and find many ways to become a valued critical thinker.

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Knock 'Em Alive Self Study Learning System

You can be ready to Knock 'Em Alive in your next speaking engagement. Afraid of speaking in public? Learn why it makes people afraid and what to do about it. You'll take away important tips about presenting in powerful and memorable ways that will set you apart. The Knock 'Em Alive - Self Study Learning System is a concise and comprehensive resource for speakers at all levels. Professional speaker Scott Halford reveals the secrets of powerful preparation and presenting he's shared with more than 10,000 participants in workshops worldwide.

Scott Halford, Emmy award winning writer and producer and internationally renowned presenter and coach to the Fortune 500 shares the secrets on how to do these things and more.

Comprehensive materials include:

  1. Two workbook set
  2. Audio chapters that bring the topic alive with information and demonstrations:
  3.      Knock 'Em Alive - Powerful Presentation Skills Review with Scott Halford
  4.         Volume 1 - Characteristics of a Masterful Presenter
  5.         Volume 2 - Fear
  6.         Volume 3 - Structures & Models of Presenting
  7. Tips for presenting with the "elite" CD
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Free Resources: Articles from Scott Halford

These articles were written by Emmy award winning writer Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE (unless otherwise noted) and cover a variety of topics that are included in Complete Intelligence, LLC workshops, keynotes and self-study programs. They are a terrific introduction to these topics and a wonderful reminder if you've had the pleasure of hearing Scott speak.

Art of Fitting Into Your Own Life
Fitting into your own life! What a concept! Learn about changing your perspective so that you approach life with your commitments and priorities in mind. When was the last time that you felt like your life fit you? Will you recognize the fit when it happens?

For each of us it is important to take a step back and look at the way that we spend our days. By focusing on the things that matter, we learn to make decisions that are congruent with the priorities of our life. We learn to fit into our own lives. In this article, you will be challenged to think about your life in a new light, and you'll learn ways to improve the fit of your life.

Includes PDF

Creating Shift: When You Get Up to Speak, Does Your Audience Come with You?
Every public speaker is challenged with connecting with their audience in a meaningful way. Once the connection is made, and regardless of the topic, the speaker must find a way to leave their mark, or shift the thinking of those in the audience. This initial connection can be made in seemingly easy ways - a thirty-second story that illustrates the point of your speech can reach across the aisle and touch an audience. One simple tale can cause an entire audience to go through an internal shift that will be key in creating presentations that are powerful, memorable and have enormous impact. Learn how to create shift in the next presentation that you deliver.

Includes PDF

Critical Thinking - The Why and How
By its very design, critical thinking pursues the "why and how" of issues. It insists on delving into the background and the possibilities that the "why and how" provide, and understanding the implications of action taken. When employed, critical thinking and the individuals practicing it, add exponential value to any discussion. In practice there are core skills that allow the "why and how" to emerge. Learn six levels of questioning that you'll want to employ before any important decision.

Includes PDF

The Essence of Morale
Happiness in the workplace is essential to productivity, morale and employee retention, and it is a choice individuals make. Morale - the collective happiness of an organization - is often times viewed as something that can be changed by policy or committee or "the powers that be." This is not necessarily true. The benefits of maintaining a happy and optimistic outlook are enumerated in several research projects that illustrate the positive bottom line results in terms of mental and physical health. Learn about creating a culture that encourages individuals toward happiness is crucial in today's competitive work environment.

Includes PDF

Leaning into the Curve
Motivating others is a never-ending challenge mostly because it is not possible to motivate someone else. You can only inspire them to see their own possibilities. Learn about the motivators that drive satisfaction and move people onto a learning curve. Once this is achieved, people bring an elevated level of energy and commitment to their work, and to life.

In order to understand the primary motivators that drive job satisfaction, managers must learn what motivates individual employees. This is no mysterious process. In this article learn how to do this and explore at least half-a-dozen factors that are the primary drivers of job satisfaction.

Includes PDF

Motivation 101
Think about approaching your next discussion, whether personal or professional, with this in mind: "I'm not interested in being right anymore, I'm more interested in what works." It is pretty easy to see that the two are very often not the same. And, it is not always easy to pull one self back to truly pursue "what works." Learn about the opportunity that you have to examine yourself so that you can find ways to do what works for your life instead of trying to be right all of the time. After all, trying to be right all of the time is draining. By shifting your thinking you will find new energy in the pursuit of doing what works.

Includes PDF

The 100% Solution
Who is ultimately responsible for your success? If you answered "me", you are 100% correct. In this article learn specific strategies and skills for ensuring your success in personal and professional situations. Simply put, much of what makes or breaks us is the level at which we are able to communicate with and to others. By focusing on communication at the 100% level you will be amazed at the results that you get in every aspect of your life.

Includes PDF

We make lifelong decisions based on the powerful elixir of likeability and none of us is exempt from its power. Dr. Robert Cialdini, the author of The Psychology of Influence, and others, have studied the power of likeability and concluded that it is one of the most potent of influencers in our day-to-day decision making. Likeability colors and affects very key parts of our life. So, with all of this said, what constitutes likeability? There are several explanations but the following are the attributes most agreed upon by social scientists. In this article learn about the four factors of likeability.

Includes PDF

From the Downside to the Upside: The Zeigarnik Effect
There is a natural tendency for human beings to dwell on and believe the negative. Recent research reveals that negative emotions are more "contagious" in a group setting than positive emotions. The implications of this in the workplace are significant. In any workplace that strives to boost morale, and nurture a spirit of cooperation, negative emotional contagion can have a fast and adverse effect. A good deal of skill is required for a meeting leader to transform a gripe session into a focused discussion about what can be done. Learn what you can do about it when it happens in your next meeting.

Includes PDF